Hi, my name is Megan Alyse and I was born to bake forever. Baking is my passion, my outlet, its one of the only things I love to do. When it comes to baking I get a little excited. I have a large family of ten, and you know what that means…More baking! In my family, desserts are never untouched. I’m eleven years old and i’m home schooled. Being home schooled means a lot more time for baking.I may not be entirely sane, but I’m on the okay side. But when it comes to chocolate-anything, all sanity is out the window. I love to bake, eat, sing, and write. I don’t have much, and I value what I do have (cookies and chocolate).

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My life long dream is to become famous for my baked goods and have a cooking show of my own. Everyone has a dream. So why not enjoy our ambition together while enjoying a nice cookie? Come on. Eat a cookie with me. Go ahead and grab one or two. Hope you stay awhile to wait and see if you can have more.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I came over from DIY Vintage Chic because I can’t get a pie crust to save my life. Pinned your recipe. Then I saw your picture and thought you looked young, so here I am on your about me page. Very inspiring to me because my daughter is 16 and is starting her own floral design business. She has her social media done, and now I need to help her get a blog and website going. I’m having her look at your story when she gets home from school. Keep with your inspiration and your passion. It makes life such a joy.

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